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Angola: President hopeful of economic recovery in 2021

Angolan head of State João Lourenço yesterday expressed optimism about an economic revival and lockdown easing in 2021.

Delivering his End of Year Message to Angolans, the president also said that he was hopeful of resumption of the international commercial passenger flights.

In his speech, Joao Lourenço said that he was looking forward to re-opening of other activities, such as tourism, sports and cultural, as well as the year of national and international face-to-face conferences.

“This coming year will also be a year of hard work, in which we will all work with more determination, in a more selfless and organised way, to obtain better results in what we strive to do”, said the President.

“We are going to get there,” stressed João Lourenço, warning of the need to observe all the recommended precautions, “so that we do not return to a worse situation than the one we experienced”.

The head of Executive left a word of comfort to Angolans, who lost loved ones throughout the year, due to illness, traffic accident, victims of homicide, domestic violence or any other cause of death.

He also extended a word of comfort and wishes for quick improvements, to Angolans who are hospitalised, prisoners, who could not celebrate this festive season with family members.

In the New Year’s Message, João Lourenço thanked for the “high sense of responsibility and spirit of mission demonstrated” by frontline workers.

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Among them, military in barracks or on duty, police and firefighters, medical and paramedical staff, oil sector employees, airlines pilots and other professionals who, according to the president, did not share this Christmas and New Year’s season with their families.

He encouraged Angolans who, due to Covid-19 pandemic, lost business, saw their companies close or lost their jobs.

The Angolan statesman also predicted that the year of 2021 will be a better, the “year of redoing personal, family and professional projects”.

As for 2020, he said that it was neither good nor generous to anyone. It negatively impacted on everyone’s family and professional life without exception.

The year of 2020 also crippled the economies of all countries, brought pain and mourning to thousands of families around the world ”.

However, he added, “we would really like not only the year 2020 was left behind, but that the associated pandemic, Covid-19, also start belonging to the past as of today”.

João Lourenço said that the protection from this virus – SARS COV 2 will not take place immediately but we may achieve this goal with the use en masse and free of charge of the vaccine produced by renowned world laboratories”.

He reiterated the need to comply with mandatory measures, including social distancing, wearing mask, hand washing, avoiding rallies and parties.

“A light of hope is already visible on the horizon, but it is not a time to relax” he said.

The year 2021 brings us the long-awaited vaccine, stressed the president, calling for keeping good habits the pandemic led us to practice with a greater sense of responsibility.

On his own behalf, his family and the Angolan Executive, the President wished “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” to Angolan families, at home and abroad, as well as to all those (foreigners) who share with Angolans the good and bad moments.

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