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EU to finance poverty reduction projects in Angola

Angola is open to applications for collaboration on its FRESAN project, funded by the European Union, which is providing €14.6M to finance projects carried out by Angolan civil society organizations, in order to reduce poverty and vulnerability to food and nutritional insecurity.

The initiative seeks proposals that are able to enhance food security in the country, through the sustainable strengthening of family farming in the southern provinces most affected by climate change, Huíla, Namibe and Cunene, mainly via the sustainable reinforcement, promotion of better nutrition and capacity building in institutions, especially in the tutelage of agriculture, nutrition, environment and civil protection.

FRESAN is part of a joint effort by the European Union and the Government of Angola to promote the resilience of communities affected by drought and threatened by the effects of climate change in southern Angola, giving civil society organisations the opportunity, according to their areas of expertise, experience and the needs of the communities in which they intervene, to present proposals that support the improvement of food and nutritional security.

Civil society organizations are able to apply for co-financing of their projects, through grant contracts, for the execution of actions under the FRESAN project, until March 30, 2021 by clicking  HERE.

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