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Mozambique: Government wants SME participation in cashew, nuts value chain

The Mozambican government intends to reinforce the capacity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the country’s cashew and other nuts value chain through training and facilitating market access and financing.

The aim is to reinforce what various players in the value chain are doing to improve the supply of raw materials of requisite quantity and quality to the processing industries.

Recently, representatives of the Institute of Nuts and the Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IPEME) signed a memorandum of understanding in Maputo over the provision of assistance and training to SMEs and to promote the involvement of the private sector in the cashew and other nuts value chain.

Director-general of the Instituto deAmendoas, Ilídio Bande, said on the occasion that there was a need to integrate the family sector in the production of macadamias, since only large companies have been involved in this process up until now.

“Our sector must find ways for the family sector to be part of the production and marketing of macadamia nuts,” he said.

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For her part, the director general of IPEME, Joaquina Gumeta, said it was crucial to leverage the almond value chain better.

“It is not enough just to have the will or intention for the consolidation and growth of the almond sector; we have to work to achieve our objective,” she stressed.

The government recently approved the transformation of the Cashew Institute into the Institute of Nuts, expanding the institution’s ambit to include other nuts, especially macadamia.

Encouraging nut production will, among other things, reduce the oil import bill, currently estimated at around US$150 million, while exporting to the region offers a billion-dollar opportunity.

The nut market globally is worth around US$92B, with Mozambique exploring its fringes in the cashew sector.

Source: Noticias via Club of Mozambique

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