Africa Entrepreneurship FA Weekend

Weekend: The right mindset and emotional management

What is emotional management? It’s described as an ability to stay positive in the midst of challenges. It’s important to allow your emotions to process positive when in various situations. It’s part of self development to master and thrive in life.

Things do not always go the way we want in life, hence it’s vital to learn to manage your emotions. The feeling of anger endures for a moment the consequences of its actions are devastating. Therefore emotions must not pass your reasoning in making decisions and setting up goals as an entrepreneur.

It’s a process that one must go through and master and this will help your business and you will reach higher goals that what you have never imagined. Emotional management is challenging to many, but it’s doable. A person who should be the one who helps you to go to a higher level can emotionally tickle you to be angry by the actions they take but stay put to get what you want.

For an example, a person does not show up as agreed in an appointment, you get angry and leave. Guess who missed out, you the one because you need what that person have. I am not promoting late coming but emotions involve in it, rather call the person find out their whereabouts and make a sound decision based on that, while communicating your decision to that person.

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I heard a story of colleagues who where buying gifts for each other, and they had a raffle to chose whom you will buy for. One lady picked one name and opened it, she shouted and say no! no! can we start again, I don’t want to buy a gift for Linda. This is an example of lacking of emotional management. Entrepreneurs we must mature in emotional management, it will help us to grow our businesses to higher levels. Disagreeing with someone is natural, at times overwhelming emotions lead us to make wrong decisions. We must stay put in situations, you might be boiling on the inside but maintain it and take a moment to think well about way out before voicing it. This will help you to get matured and make informed decisions.

Emotions are real, but they must not lead us rather we must control them and hold on the facts. We will meet business partners in our journey that will have a different mind but we will complete each other. There are days that we will be down, but show up with a smile and overcome the emotions. Take a deep breath and think deeply of the consequences before you take any action.

Did you know that we can control the atmosphere around us by being yourself, learn to be assertive but not rude. Speak loud enough to be heard but not shout, get your opinion across and not crush other people. Listen diligently and communicate your feeling in a calm way.

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