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FirstCheck Africa launching funding initiative to help African women invest in technology

Founded by Eloho Omame and Odunayo Eweniyi, FirstCheck Africa is a women’s angel fund that invests “ridiculously early” in women in African technology.

They are also developing a female-led investor group that generates opportunities to invest in venture-backed companies by writing smaller checks for the middle level of women who are millennials or in their mid-careers.

Firstcheck aims to make it easier to raise venture-backed capital and invest in technology start-ups for women in Africa. Firstcheck builds a world where, through technology & entrepreneurship, women have an equal hand in leading and shaping the future of the continent.

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In exchange for modest equity, Firstcheck will invest US$15k to US$25k. Firstcheck aims to provide a safe runway for female entrepreneurs to validate their ideas and create a minimum viable product.

The mission of Firstcheck is to advance equity, capital and leadership for a generation of African women.

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