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Luxembourg supports Cape Verde with €21M to promote employment

Luxembourg will support Cape Verde with €21M supporting various investments in the employment and employability sector, support that is provided under the framework of the 5th Indicative Cooperation Program (PIC), a support program for the next 4 years totaling €78M, an €18M increase when compared with the last program ended 2020.

Cooperative relations between Cape Verde and Luxembourg dated late 1980s and, in 1993, Cape Verde became a privileged partner for Luxembourg Cooperation with signature of a first Cooperation General Agreement, providing for a framework for cooperation activities between the two countries in the cultural, scientific, technical, financial and economic fields.

With the 1st Program dated 2002, Luxembourg is a long-term supporter of Cape Verde, reflected on wide cooperation policies and initiatives, covering water and sanitation, energy transition, climate and local development initiatives.

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