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South Africa will start making hydrogen fuel cells to provide clean energy

After over a decade of research and development around hydrogen fuel technology, President Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africa is now ready to manufacture and commercialise hydrogen fuels technology.

The President said this when he responded to a debate on the State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Thursday. “For more than a decade, the government has been working with various partners, including the private sector and academia, to develop hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery storage technologies.

“This work serves two important developmental objectives: it offers the possibility of a new, renewable source of energy, while establishing new uses and new markets for the platinum group metals that are abundant in our country.

“Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, which use platinum, offer an alternative source of clean electricity, while hydrogen allows for energy to be stored and delivered in a usable form,” he said.

The President said through its Hydrogen South Africa Strategy, government and its partners have successfully deployed hydrogen fuel cells to provide electricity in schools and to field hospitals established as part of the country’s COVID-19 response.

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“Now, after a decade of investment, we are ready to move from research and development to manufacturing and commercialisation.

“We are establishing a Platinum Valley as an industrial cluster bringing various hydrogen applications in the country together to form an integrated hydrogen ecosystem. “This initiative will identify concrete project opportunities for kick-starting hydrogen cell manufacturing in promising hubs,” he said.

Source: MybroadBand via CrudeMix Africa

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