Expat: Prêts personnels et lignes de crédit au Mozambique

Déménager au Mozambique peut être un processus pour les nouveaux expatriés, car il y a de nombreux aspects de la vie quotidienne auxquels nous ne pensons pas vraiment tant que nous n’avons pas besoin de les aborder.

Les services bancaires sont certainement l’un de ces aspects. Qu’il s’agisse de tâches simples comme les achats quotidiens ou de l’habitude parfois nouvelle de gérer différentes devises, il y a certainement une courbe d’apprentissage pour ceux qui s’installent au “ Pays des bonnes gens C’est pourquoi nous avons fait équipe avec Millennium bim Bank, une institution que nous connaissons bien, pour créer une série de six chapitres sur les bases de la banque au Mozambique afin de vous aider à vous installer. Bienvenue à Comprendre – Les Expatriés du Mozambique.

Chapitre 4 : Prêts personnels et lignes de crédit au Mozambique

The choice to live and produce in foreign lands, while it may bring along its own sets of challenges, can also mean new opportunities lie waiting just around the corner.

Often, the perspective of those who come from a different background can mean a crucial advantage in the execution of an innovative project, because this ability of unbiased observation and thinking outside the box is essential to stand out in increasingly competitive markets.

As good as our ideas are, many of them end up not leaving the paper; sometimes due to lack of time, more often due to lack of funding. In Mozambique, a land progressively more open to entrepreneurship, generous in its opportunities, it is time to capitalise and sow the benefits of this fertile ground where new ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

Thus, we have some suggestions for credit solutions – in partnership with Banco Millennium bim – which could be the turning point in the journey towards realising your projects.

For any unforeseen situations, whether it may be the maintenance of your car or a last-minute business trip that exceeds the budget, the good old credit card might not always be the most appropriate alternative. Prestige Personal Loan is the solution that responds to these specific financing needs, for short or medium-term commitments, ranging from 100,000 to 1,500,000 MZN.

Your business project, being important to you, should not have to wait. Therefore, if you choose to have your monthly salary paid to your Millennium bim account, you will gain access to the Nova Vida Credit, for amounts ranging from 1,500 to 1,000,000 MZN, and financing terms from 6 to 60 months, flexible according to your possibility and financial planning.

An indispensable asset these days is undoubtedly your car, in addition to being an extension of your lifestyle and personality. If you want to enjoy the comfort and benefits of a modern car, without the hassles of maintenance and insurance charges, then the ideal solution is the Pack Leasing Auto, which allows both individuals and companies to purchase new vehicles, with low monthly instalments and the possibility of financing up to 90% of the vehicle’s price in Metical and US Dollar.

Finally, and because you have chosen Mozambique as the stepping stone leading to your success, why not extend the visit further and enjoy a place that you can call home. This is what Millennium bim’s Real Estate Leasing proposes, offering flexibility of conditions in the amount for the initial entry, variable term and residual value. As a rule, the financing in Real Estate Leasing is composed of lower monthly payments compared to other credit options, given the possibility of contracting a residual value that allows delaying the payment of part of the amount financed at the end of the Contract.

All aspects of a modern financial life, entrusted to a credible and competent institution, with your interests first.

Comme il s’agit d’une des opérations bancaires les plus fréquentes effectuées par les expatriés, vous pouvez clarifier toutes les questions que vous vous posez avec l’aide de votre agence Millennium bim.

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