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DishAfrik is a mobile recipe app created by Dade Aderemi and Mary Maamahfor anyone from anywhere to discover and enjoy cuisines from Africa. With 54 countries in Africa, over a billion people, and uncountable delicacies, there will always be something new to cook on DishAfrik.

Dade Aderemi is responsible for all things technology. He enjoys "living diversity", getting to know about different cultures, and traveling. He has been to at least a country on all the continents except South America, Antarctica, and Oceania. He plans to visit South America once the covid pandemic is over (Antarctica and Oceania will have to wait till another time). He is Nigerian Dutch and currently resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mary Maamah is responsible for all things operations. She believes Participation is fun, and living diversity is a must. Apart from her background and work experience in the Finance, and Legal sectors, she also runs a home-cooked food business. She is a Ghanian and she is based in Accra.

N'Gunu N. Tiny is an international banker with a 17-year career providing strategic and financial advice to selected clients across multiple industry sectors, with a specific focus on banking, energy, commodities, and natural resources. He is a private equity investor with interests in varied private equity holdings in energy, financials, and media. He is the Chairman of the Emerald Group.

Banker with broad experience in West and Southern Africa regions, performing top management, consultancy and advisory roles. Deep knowledge of Africa’s potential and strengths, despite the quite often mainstream negative rhetoric. Organizations and shareholders counselling on business development with sustainable value creation while adopting policies and decisions complying with international best principles – governance, compliance, anti-money laundering, gender equality and environmental sustainability principles.

Harambee Africa International is an international association, with headquarters in Rome, established in 2002.

In Africa, Harambee supports, through private fundraising, local institutions that work with professionalism and experience to ensure personalized attention with the aim of transferring skills and, at the same time, to offer people the tools to take responsibility for themselves, the ability to make decisions and plan their future.

Building relationships: this is the ultimate goal of Harambee and it is something that is not only useful and necessary but also deeply exciting.

Financial Insights of Zambia was established in 2017 as a follow up to the success of The Financial Health of Zambia’s Premier Companies blog which was birthed as an idea that would address the challenge Zambian investors had in understanding how companies within the economy created value. Armed with the annual reports of companies listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange, we bring business analysis and valuation of these premier companies. Tracking the nuances in the numbers and critical evaluation of the influence of the external environment, we provide a perspective that allows for understanding of the mechanics that drive these companies from the externally presented information. Our hope is to bridge the information asymmetry divide so that stakeholders have a better understanding of company information that can allow for informed decisions about investment.

Energy Capital & Power is the African continent’s leading investment platform for the energy sector. Through a series of events, online content and investment reports, we unite the entire energy value chain – from oil and gas exploration to renewable power – and facilitate global and intra-African investment and collaboration.

Jens Ischebeck is an Africa focused website publisher. The main sites are and (both cover the international money transfer tools for inward and outward remittances) and (online studying and e-learning).

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